Lonely Pet Store Puppy Gets A New Friend

Major exports of Taiwan include such things as electronics, chemicals, and steel, but we can now add “adorableness” to that list.

Recently, cameras at a Taiwanese pet store focused in on the activities of a small puppy and kitten in adjacent cages. Although they were neighbors, they couldn't visit each other in their separate cages. The puppy, obviously lonely, called out to his kitty friend - and it was a plea that the kitten simply couldn’t ignore.

The kitten whipped off his glasses and transformed into Super Kitten, Defender of Friendship. He proceeded to leap the partition in a single bound. Well, a single bound and lots of determined scrambling, but you get the idea. Meanwhile, the puppy was so excited that he stretched out as far as he could to greet his would-be visitor, nearly knocking the fuzzball from his precarious position.

Check out the video below, and get ready for some heart-warming action. We can only hope that these two friends get adopted together. After seeing this, we can’t imagine them apart.

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H/T: The Best Viners

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