Lovely Necklaces Inspired By Classic Literature

There is no activity quite like reading. From an early age, parents begin encouraging their little ones to read - and what an abundance of choices to choose from! From timeless classics to contemporary inspirations, there is more literature in the world than one mind can ever fully absorb.

While there are tons of technological devices - from smartphones to video game consoles - that keep us busy regularly, it just can't compare to the feeling of unlocking your imagination and immersing yourself in a good book. What's more, the sensation of touch and smell that is associated with holding a genuine paperback in your hands just never gets old.

Many of us have come across one or two particular books in our lives that we have come to hold near and dear to our hearts. If there has been a novel that has resonated with you to this extent, you may want to check out the Etsy shop Vintage Charmed Books. They offer handcrafted, made-to-order pendants depicting your favorite literature. Thanks to the incredibly talented jewelers from this charming shop, you can truly hold your favorite stories close to your heart.

These delightful pendants are miniature versions of popular books.

Each one is carefully and intricately handcrafted. The details on them are absolutely breathtaking.

Every book features a detailed cover, as well as a quote from the actual book and an accompanying picture on the inside.

The artists behind these wonderful works of art describe themselves simply as "a couple of gals who adore all things vintage and want to see the old standards of creativity, craftsmanship, and design put back into modern life."


Their love of vintage, paired with their extraordinary talent, has bestowed us with these remarkable, charming pendants.

"Our passion is to revive those beautiful, forgotten vintage pieces of art and workmanship and bring them to a brand new generation to love," they write on their Etsy profile page.

Not only are each one of these pendants made by hand, but the artists source all their materials from other Etsy shops to support artistic small business owners like themselves.

Their Etsy shop currently showcases a wide range of popular and timeless classics, including Charlotte's Web, The Little Prince, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

You will likely recognize most of the titles that are featured in their shop.

Have a book in mind that you don't see in their collection? Have no fear - they make custom orders as well.


You can choose to wear these beautiful pieces two ways. On some days, you can show off the cover, while on other days, you can proudly display the meaningful quote and picture on the inside of the book.

These are guaranteed conversation-starters. Not only can you rave about these amazing pendants, but you can also dive into a discussion about your favorite book!

They also make very valuable and sentimental gifts. Who wouldn't want to receive one of these?

To learn more about Vintage Charmed Books or to find your favorite book pendant, be sure to visit their Etsy shop.

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H/T: LittleThingsVintageCharmedBooks

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