Magic Mirror Warns Clubbers Of Drinking And Driving

Back in 2010, Kris Caudilla was driving on the wrong side of the road. His car smashed into a sheriff deputy's car, killing the officer. Caudilla was sentences to 15 years for manslaughter and DUI. In an effort to prevent people from making his same mistake, Caudilla is now trying to fight against drinking and driving from behind bars.

We Save Lives partnered with Caudilla to see how bar-goers would respond when faced with their own decision to drink and drive. In this video, patrons in a California nightclub are connected with Caudilla in his Florida correctional facility.

“Take a good look in the mirror. Should you be driving tonight?” After people overcome their initial shock of seeing a man in the mirror speaking, Caudilla tells his tragic story.

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H/T: We Save Lives

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