Make Your Own DIY Lamp From Plastic Spoons And Old Water Bottles

Bottled water and soda has led to a significant rise in the amount of plastic trash produced worldwide. These plastics often end up in landfills where they take forever to decompose (if at all) or worse still, in the oceans where they splinter into thousands of pieces perfect for choking local wildlife who misidentify it as food. 

Recycling initiatives have done a lot to combat this issue, but there's always more to be done and one great way to reduce plastic trash is "upcycle" - finding creative ways to reuse trash by turning it into something new and beautiful. Not only is it a great way to be a little greener, some of these projects can actually help you save some money and spruce up your surroundings too!

A parking canopy made of old bottles with the bottoms dipped in paint helps absorb sunlight to keep cars cool (and looks great too).

Plastic spoons and some old bottles can be turned into a unique and beautiful lamp.

See this video for more instructions:


Turn bottles into a hanging garden. Simply cut out a rectangle from each bottle and hang up using string/twine.

If you're a bird-lover who doesn't want to shell out for a store-bought bird feeder, some well placed bottles will do the job nicely.

You can even make art. This mosaic is made of bottle caps washed ashore during Hurricane Katrina.

Bottle caps also make for a great mosaic to decorate your home, like this woman did using over 30,000 caps. Just make sure you use a high quality, water-resistant glue.

The bottoms of soda bottles make for great jewelry holders. Learn how to make one here.

Or you could make a vase. Slice strips out of the plastic and then bend them over to create a beautiful new place to put flowers on display.


The bottoms of bottles look somewhat floral anyway, so why not make a flowery chandelier?

Alternatively, try a lampshade instead. You could even use different/multiple colors for added effect.

Or use bottoms of different sizes/shapes to create a unique conversation starter.

Finally, with a little creativity and some paint, old bottles can easily become the cutest little bunny planters ...

… Or cat planters! The only limit is your imagination.

Via: American Overlook

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