Make Your Own Greenhouse The Cheap And Easy Way With This Hilarious Tutorial

These days, many people have become more concerned with where their food comes from and how it was grown. There are all kinds of labels on food products now; "natural," "organic," and "local" are just a few of the buzzwords we all see throughout the aisles when shopping. When folks head to the grocery store, they do their best to buy food that aligns with their beliefs about what's good for them. 

But for others, that still isn't good enough; they want to be 100% sure of what they're getting. So, what do they do? They grow their own food, of course! Yes, gardening can seem intimidating, especially to those without a natural green thumb. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there that can make yielding your very own bountiful harvest much easier.

One way to make gardening easier is a greenhouse. Even a small one like the one Marianne of SuzelleDIY makes in this video can have a big impact. A greenhouse means that you can take advantage of fresh food year-round, since it helps shield your plants from too cold, too hot, or otherwise unfriendly weather. Not only does growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables cut down on your bill at the grocery store every month, but it also extends the myriad of positive mental and physical effects of gardening through even the cold seasons. Research has shown that gardening can relieve stress, improve depression symptoms, and provide healthy exercise. 

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H/T: SuzelleDIY

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