Mama Fox Stands Guard While Her Cub Is Rescued

Parents are funny creatures. One moment they'll tell you to shut your mouth and then ask why you aren't answering them. They'll tell you to quiet down by yelling it at you. They'll likely teach you not to hit by passing on a quick swat. If you're a parent, you know these confusing moments happen in the midst of the chaos that is family. What we all know to be true, though, is that our parents mean well and want the best for us.

If you're a fan of nature, or if you only watch those documentaries where things get eaten, you see this is true in the animal kingdom, as well. It's an instinct for a parent to watch over their offspring - especially when our kids get themselves into trouble.

Perhaps you've faced the dilemma of how to handle an unsafe situation for your child. Do you wait to see if they resolve it, or do you instead jump right in to save the day? It's a tough call and usually depends on the imminent danger posed to our little loved ones. Either way, as a good parent, you're there to comfort and support them.

Here, a mother fox finds her baby in trouble. Thankfully, the folks from Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service of East Sussex in England are there to lend a hand. Ever attentive, mama fox is close by. It seems touch-and-go in this lengthy rescue, but everyone involved does their part. When all is said and done, this furry parent is a good example of fearlessness in the face of danger. Thanks to the kindness of this group of helpers, her diligence is rewarded. Creatures are good parents, too.

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H/T: East Sussex WRAS

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