Man Beautifully Restores Cars With Expandable Foam And Stencils

This fellow from Lithuania uses a combination of stencils, made of cardboard and expandable foam, to totally transform junkyard cars. He turns cars from looking like pieces of junk into works of art. This is how he takes cars from the scrap yard to the showroom.

To begin, this man chooses a car from the junkyard, such as this Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class with 30 inch rims.

After choosing his car, he begins his project with some expandable foam.

Next, he begins to carve the foam to match his vision.

After carving, the car’s new shape is becoming apparent.

He uses stencils and cardboard to help create the car’s new shape. Then, he begins to detail and even out the exterior.

This is just the sculpting process. The car will not remain this color.

Powder blue isn’t the most popular color of car nowadays, anyway.


It’s shaping up. However, it’s not close to finished just yet.

Even its backside is coming into its form.

He determines the car’s perfect curves.

Next, he adds the necessary headlights.

The beautiful shape is getting there...

...even if it’s not quite there yet.

He begins getting some more product ready.

It’s sort of like a secret recipe, that’s not meant to be consumed, of course.

The interior gets its own transformation.

With all of the work going into this car, the interior needs to be just as incredible as the exterior.


So, he begins another sculpting process.

He makes sure to do all he can to make this car look perfect.

Here is the new interior, in all its incredible beauty.

The exterior is ready, too, with its new glossy coating and color.

Of course, the rims should not be overlooked.

The backend had quite a transformation, as well.

These curves are incredible.

The finished product is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s difficult to imagine that some expandable foam and stencils transformed this junkyard car into such a beauty! With a lot of hard work, anything is possible.

Have you ever helped transform something completely? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Credit: Diply

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