Man Builds Custom Kayak With Compartments For His Dogs

David Bahnson is a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont who loves to spend his retirement out on the water in his kayak. To David, there's really not much that could be better than being out there with - other than being able to bring his dogs along. So he embarked on a quest to make it happen and the result is seriously adorable.

It all started when David noticed that one of his dogs could easily fit in the baggage compartment of the kayak when the cover was off. He built a custom kayak with seats for both his dogs, and added some foam padding around the edges to keep them comfy.

Is that not the cutest picture you've ever seen?

David says that the dogs seem to really enjoy being out on the water with him.

They do look pretty relaxed, don't they?

Although people have gone kayaking with dogs before, David says they were usually in the cockpit with them, which can be awkward. This way, everyone can enjoy the ride in their own little seat.

Via: Lifebuzz

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