Man Builds Incredible Tiny Apartment Inside Of An Old Garage

While it’s certainly nice to have a massive amount of space to sprawl out in and millions of dollars to spend, it doesn’t always take space or lots of cash to build a really great place to live. As a matter of fact, sometimes simplicity can be the feature that defines a masterpiece. Take this garage for example.

Certainly looks ordinary enough, just a garage door ...

Lift it up though, and things start getting a little more interesting.

Once you open up the wooden panels ... things get really interesting. Does someone live here?


Wow. Check out that full-sized couch.

There’s even a desk in this efficient apartment.

There’s also space to entertain guests ... provided you can convince them to follow you home to a garage.

There’s even a little TV in the corner, so you can watch House Hunters and snicker at how much cooler you are.


And yes, there’s even a very comfortable looking bed.

… As well as a fully functional (and pretty elegantly appointed) bathroom.

If that doesn’t prove to you that you can live quite comfortably in a small space, nothing will.

This apartment belongs to photographer Jérémie Buchholtz. You can learn more about this project by going here. Since these images were first taken, the metal door has been replaced by wooden panels.

Via: ViralNova

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