Man Converts This Ugly Garage Into A Stunningly Well-designed Tiny Home

Real estate in Europe is expensive. In the city center of Bordeaux, France, purchasing a single-bedroom apartment can run upwards to $400,000. There are bargains to be had, but rarely will an inexpensive flat in a French city be much to look at. Between the age of the buildings and the high taxes, it's incredibly difficult for an average person to own their own place in Bordeaux.

Jérémie Buchholtz was one such person looking to be a homeowner. Priced out of most city housing, he was beginning to lose hope when he stumbled upon a dilapidated garage, nestled into a private alley, in a quiet neighborhood, for the low, low price of nearly $100,000.

His friends, quite frankly, thought he was nuts.


But it wasn't long until they wondered why they ever doubted him.

Rebuilt within the constraints of the historic roofline, the space is open and airy.

Modern furniture and appliances contribute to a decluttered feel.


A custom piece offers useful seating and storage, as well as an office. A full bathroom is concealed behind it.

On top of this attractive cube is the bedroom, featuring even more built-in storage and a surprisingly large bed for such an efficient space.

Credit: Tiny House For Us | Photography: Jérémie Buchholtz

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