Man Dives Into Freezing Water To Save A Duck Trapped Beneath The Ice

Here’s a story that will restore your faith in humanity. A man in Norway was walking by a frozen lake when he saw a duck in need of assistance. Rather than wait around, he jumped right into the icy waters. Someone took a few pictures, which quickly went viral and spread all over the internet. Check out the amazing story yourself.

This is how he found the duck. It’s not known how this duck got into this particular situation but it’s theorized that it may have dived underwater in a less frozen spot and emerged where the ice was thicker, thus trapping it.

With little regard for his own personal warmth and comfort, our hero jumped into the icy water to free the poor bird.

Remember, this is is Norway, so that water is probably death-defyingly chilly.


Knowing that he did something so kind provided him with more than enough warmth, though. Also, you just don’t get cold with a beard that epic.

So far, other than in these few pictures, our hero has remained largely anonymous. Were he to emerge, he would no doubt be celebrated by animal lovers and beard enthusiasts alike. We salute you, good sir.  

Credit: Imgur

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