Man Finds Creepy Bunker In German Forest

If you were hiking in the woods in Northern Germany, you might come across weird periscope-looking pipes coming up from the earth. Keep in mind, this is in the middle of the woods. A group of friends in the former German Democratic Republic decided to explore the area around the pipes. What they found is fascinating.

Here is the story, in the photographer's own words:

“So when visiting an old friend in Northern Germany (formerly GDR) he told me about these weird periscope like pipes in the woods. They often played there as kids and knew about the bunkers below, but never were allowed to get near them. Last week we decided to check them out and this is our report.”

“It was not very hard to find, circa a hundred meters from the periscopes, and surrounded by coniferous trees. It was covered with a wooden lid, that was easy to remove by crowbar.”

“The iron door you can see in the pic would swing back in but the lock was broken in the first place, so we couldn’t get trapped inside. Anyhow, the sight of a closed door in an environment like this wasn’t a nice thing to see.”

“What you can see here is what we would see for the next few minutes - nothing but endless, hospital like hallways. The acoustics were, in a word, haunting.”

“A pipe and a plastic bag on the floor, from a local supermarket.”

“Junctions like this occurred several times, we decided to keep straight ahead in [order] not to get lost. The holes in the wall on the right appeared to be punched with a hammer.”

“This what you see, when you turn left on the intersection seen above. The narrow hole in the floor was filled with dirty water, nothing to see there.”

“A little later, at the second intersection, we found what seemed like a clogged entrance covered in graffiti. Obviously we weren’t the first people to visit.”

“The hallway, as we found out, wasn’t straight at all, it had several slight turns, expiring to a long one to the left. More random punches in the wall.”

“At this point we both were uncertain, if we should proceed or get [...] out of there. But as this album continues, you already know our decision.”


“Notice graffiti in the top right. The one on the left translates to "help". The peace sign on the ceiling didn’t really make up for them.”

“This big yellow door came out of nowhere. We were expecting (yet hoping) for an exit or another dead end. Further on we found several of them, torn out with force as it seemed. We had no clue how a single person or even couple people would be able to open those, since they seemed as heavy as bank vault doors.”

“There were cyrillic letters on this particular one. Yet, hard to decipher.“

“Right next to one of the broken doors. It says "Exit no 2" according to a friend.”

“Don’t know what these did back in the days. Maybe for ventilation.”

“After passing a lot - and I mean A LOT - of those heavy safe doors, another sign of human life appeared right in front of us. At this point the rooms seemed more and more wasted, as you can see the decayed walls.”

“Here you can get an impression of the number of heavy doors, any visitor has to pass, placed directly one after another.”

“Proceeding onwards, the graffiti clearly read "Hallo satan, I love you". Not something you wanna read down there. The smell at this point turned out to be really bad, like rotten organic stuff and old water. Sewer like, if you will.”

“Different angle on "satan" graffiti, seen on the wall to the left. We decided to enter the corridor on the front left.”

“The walls were massive and metal like, my friend and I suspected it to be lead or something similar. Notice small red number on the wall "2211" , and the cryptic painting in the background, made of black lines.”

“When you passed a few corners in the lead wall corridor, you’d set foot in this flooded area, that was set a single step below than the prior rooms. We only stuck our heads in taking some pictures. I decided to show this one, cause it has a ladder leading to another floor in it.”

“This is what you saw when you turned left. A bigger room, also flooded. Whether it is me or the hole chamber is slightly tilted. Notice another ventilation pipe right next to the door.”


“This was the first time on the whole tour I literally panicked. Terrified by the silhouette of this pile of rubbish, resembling a crouching or sitting man, I screamed and nearly knocked over my friend. My bad, he was scared to death as well.”

“Left hand we were stopped by another unpassable corridor (we didn’t want to ruin our shoes).”

“When already heading back to where we came from, my friend found this spooky gem. It was the biggest room so far, but only visible through little square holes in the walls, like tiny crenels. So he put his camera through and took this sweet shots of a weird, big machine.”

“Backview of the machine. On the wall in the background, right below the ceiling pipes, you can see the narrow gap, from where he took the picture above.”

“Found in one of the tiny gaps to great hall.”

“This was the second last picture we took before our camera’s battery died. Situated right next to the Great Hall, maybe an reservoir of some kind We never found out.”

“This is the ceiling of the probable reservoir. These spikes looked just like icicles but more likely were some kind of mineral phenomenon. Right after this shot the camera went down and we headed back to the entrance. As this post proves, we both survived. Nonetheless it was the spookiest trip of my life.”

Credit: Imgur

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