Man Kindly Rescues Two Squirrels Stuck Inside A Bucket

When Adam heard a squeaking noise in his backyard, he had to investigate. He heard the strange sound coming from a tree near his house. He finally saw a squirrel thrashing around with a huge lump attached to it. Adam decided he'd better go get a closer look.

After climbing about 20 feet up the tree, he reached the squirrel. He realized it was actually three squirrels attached at the tail. Adam gently put the creatures in a bucket and took them to safety.

The squirrels made a nest out of some insulation and dryer lint inside a pine tree. When the sap mixed with the fibers, it ended up gluing their tails together.

He tried to pull off the insulation, but the sap was so thick that it was pulling off hair from their tails.

In picking up just a single strand of insulation, the whole squirrel cluster was attached.

The squirrels stayed really calm as Adam worked to free their tails.


Warm water and scissors did the trick to get most of the sap and nest material loose.

Slowly, the squirrels started to come apart, and one of the squirrels was freed. 

Some dish soap and coaxing got the other two separated. Adam gave them a little bit of time to rest up.

This is about 3/4 of the nest they had stuck to them.

When he picked up the first squirrel, the little guy dashed up his arm, over his back and back up the tree.

The second squirrel bolted as fast as he could.


But the third squirrel was "a total bro" and posed for pictures with his rescuer.

Much to the delight of Adam's niece.

Credit: Imgur

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