Man Live In Shipping Container Home For Under $50,000

Richie wanted to get out of the city and commune with nature. He scrimped and saved all the money he could and eventually was able to buy some land. For a while, Richie lived off the land, camping out in a tent.

Then he reached out to Better Home and Gardens. He met with Jason, Pete, and Andy, a designer, builder, and architect, respectively. Together, they came up with an ingenious, and inexpensive idea. The purchased a shipping container for $6,000 with the intention of turning it into a full-featured home. The renovations were costly, despite the container's low price tag. The crane they rented to transport the container cost $250 per-hour. Eventually, they believed they could complete the whole project for under $50,000. It's amazing what they were able to create.

The result, while modest on space, is stunning. The home contains a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and patio, all fully functional. Watch the video below to see the amazing transformation!

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H/T: Better Home and Gardens | LittleThings

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