Man Makes Epic 'Predator' Costume Out Of Foam

Sitting somewhere between blockbuster action hit and cult classic, the 1987 film Predator is remembered as much for its memorable one-liners as it is for its inventive, eponymous alien nemesis. This intergalactic sportsman pays 38th Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and 38th Governor of Minnesota Jessie Ventura and unforgettable visit in a fictional South American jungle and has been popular amongst amateur costumers ever since. The sinsister masked creature is a sure bet to win a costume contest, especially when the costume in question is on an adorable child.

But how does something this intricate and detailed get made?

From simple craft store material, of course.

Imgur user zmnypit was there to capture his friend’s transformation into the fiersome alien hunter, using foam and skilled hand.

This is not a novice project and indeed cost about $1200 to put together.

Even midway through, you can really see the hard work paying off.

The costume required multiple skills, from soft sculpting to spray painting.


Even the “armor” was made from rigid foam.

A nice metal finish and you’d never know.

ABS plastic was put to work in elements requiring more rigidity.

The really clever thing is, the retractable spikes really do retract.

Even the complicated alien head is made from lightweight foam.

The “dreadlocks” too.

The mask even has working lasers built in to replicate the Predator’s signature targeting system.

Is there any surprise what’s inside these creepy feet?


The detail is really quite extraordinary.

You have to look close to recognize the electrician’s box used for this futuristic self-destruct device.

A few skulls and...

An incredible costume is complete.

Pro tip: it also helps to be nearly seven feet tall, like the pictured craftsman.

Via: Imgur

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