Man Offers $100,000 To Buy People's Dogs, And Their Reactions Are Priceless

When it comes to our dogs, they're like our kids. In fact, I know some people who might even like their furry kids better than their human kids (ok, that's an exaggeration, but you get it). The thought of leaving my dog fills me with a deep sense of dread. It's not even a question that my dog is a part of my family. But does everyone feel that way? That's what one guy decided to find out.

This man took a briefcase with $100,000 in it and walked up to several dog owners to see if they'd be willing to sell their dog for a small fortune. Pretty much everyone had the exact same response. Well, there was one guy who tried, but his significant other stepped in and set things right real quick!

Would you ever consider selling your dog? $100,000 certainly does go a long way, and if the dog was guaranteed a good home, I guess I couldn't fault someone for at least pausing to think about it. Personally, though, I could never do it.

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H/T: BigDawsTv

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