Man Photoshops His Small Dog To Be As Big As She Thinks She Is

A lot of smaller dogs don’t seem to realize that they are on the tiny side. Vivian, for instance, is a small dachshund with a huge heart. To reflect the giant spirit housed in her teeny body, Mitch Boyer started using Photoshop to create the images you see below.

Mitch and Vivian have known each other since Vivian was just a day old. Together, the pair traveled all around the country trying to find a place that felt like home. Four states and ten different apartments later, they have found themselves in Brooklyn, New York. They love their new home so much, they're making a children’s book together, called “Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn.” You can get a sense from these photos of how much fun the book will be when it’s finished!

Vivian lives in New York City.

She and Mitch do everything together.


They take walks.

Check out the sights.

Hunt for food.


And even take selfies. Say cheese!

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H/T: Bored Panda | Mitch Boyer

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