Man Transforms 800-Year-Old Cave Into Stunning Home

Most of us have dreams that, for whatever reason, we never get around to accomplishing. When Angelo Mastropetro was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he realized he had less time to achieve his goals than he thought. Instead of skydiving or travelling the globe, Angelo's dream was to convert a cave into a functioning house.

Check out the entire process, including the finished product, below.

He found an 800-year-old cave that was the perfect fit and set out working on his dream home.

Costing roughly $150,000 over the course of eight months, Angelo converted the cave into an impressive space that anyone would be happy to live in.

It wasn’t the cleanest or easiest job in the world ...


Even something as simple as a closet takes a huge amount of work when you’re dealing with solid rock.

But this isn’t just some hovel he’s building.

It’s a perfectly cozy dreamhome with all the comforts you could want.

So even with additional labor, the results are incredible and worth the effort.

Especially at night.


Don’t believe those outdoor pictures, though. Take a look inside.

Everything from the master bedroom to the bathroom is carefully considered, in a style we’ve decided to coin “Flinstone chic.”

For a cave, it’s astonishingly bright and airy.

And the kitchen might as well be in a mansion somewhere.

They say home is where the heart is. Clearly Angelo put his heart into this one.

Via: AcidCow

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