Man Turns His Vehicle Into A Full-Featured Adventure Truck

Do you wish you could travel more, but you don't want to spend a ton of money on hotels or a camper? Then you might be able to take a few tips from one Reddit user, tylerthompson21. That is, if you don't mind a bit of hard work. The crafty man decided to turn his truck into a big DIY project which would end up as the adventure truck that you're about to see. Discover just how he made this awesome idea come to fruition.

Here, he placed the frame in his truck's bed using ball bearings.

Next, he bolted the frame, so it could be removed if needed.

He secured the slides for the drawer using bearings intended for skateboards.

It appears that they worked perfectly.

It's already looking pretty great.

Here, you can see the open drawer, which features three different compartments.

Here is one hatch to place a battery.


Here is another battery compartment.

The drawer features a secure lock.

Here, the latch can be seen.

There is one more lock for making sure the drawer is securely closed.

In addition, there are latches to make sure the box doesn't slide.

The frame was then coated with a varnish to seal it from water.

The drawer pieces were also coated in a varnish.

The lock's covering was made from sheet metal.


This is the main battery for the adventure truck.

USB ports and a power inverter were also placed inside.

For lighting, there are LED bars.

What's an adventure truck without some speakers?

Here, the drawer can be seen out.

The adventure truck is complete.

If you're up for a bit of work, have a truck and want to spend more time traveling, an adventure truck might just be the perfect solution.

Credit: Reddit

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