Man's Best Friend Becomes Goat's Best Friend

All dog owners know that there is nothing in the world more beautiful and enduring than the unconditional love that a dog provides. They will follow you to the ends of the Earth, they will comfort you with tail wags and kisses when you’ve come home from a hard day at work, and they will immediately forgive you when you accidentally step on their paws. Dogs seem to be free of all the prejudices of humans and able to bond with anyone they meet.

Dogs aren’t the only animals with a heart of gold. Here at Wimp, we’ve shown you just how quickly goats can make friends. In this collection of photographs, we get to see what happens when dogs and goats meet –and the results are adorable!  Dogs, big and small, seem to make natural companions and protectors to their notoriously skittish barnyard buddies

These pictures show the gentle side of nature and the innocence that animals carry. In a world full of cynicism and confusion, sometimes it’s worth looking to our animal friends for an example of compassion. I dare you not to smile when you see the tenderness these animals demonstrate towards one another, and how reluctant they are to let each other go.

Spooning isn't just something humans do.


He gives a loving embrace to a goat - and a model's stare to the camera!


"You got something on your face - oh, just let me get it for you!"



A tiny pup takes a quick look outside his owner's coat to headbutt his goat friend.


This dog is mesmerized by his new friend's smallness.


Future album cover.


Looks like this dog is giving his goat pal a quick sniff test.


It's an interspecies version of the buddy system we all learned in elementary school.



"With our shedding powers combined, they'll NEVER be able to clean all the hair off this blanket!"


"If anyone gives this goat a hard time, they're going to have to take it up with ME."


You've heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing, now, get ready for a pup in goat's clothing!


Just meeting a friend for a drink.

Richard Austin

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