Meet George, The Cat Who Prefers Standing On His Hind Legs

Apr 26, 2015

People love cats, especially when they do things like people. That's why when Redditor "Egzo" posted these photos of his cat, "George," the internet couldn't get enough.

You see, George likes to stand on his two legs like a person.

All the time, actually.

His owner says "he is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Really bizarre, but sweet."

But is he really?


Here he is, possibly plotting some kind of doggy doom.

Dreaming of the day he rules the world.

A lot of people say he looks like Wilford Brimley. 

His owner agrees.


George even has his own Instagram, "George2Legs."

Sometimes his two-legged ways make him look evil.

So of course, the internet had some fun with it.

Credit: Bored Panda

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