Meet The Last 5 People Born In The 1800s

Feb 9, 2015

The word supercentenarian is defined as any person who is "significantly older than 100 years" and typically, that means at least 110. This elite group of women are not only supercentenarians, but they are also the only people on earth who lived during the 1800s.

Misao Okawa is the oldest living person in the world at 116 and is the oldest Japanese person ever. She credits good genes, sleep, sushi and exercise for her longevity.

Misao Okawa, Japanese, Born March 5, 1898 – 116 years old.

Also at 116 years old is the oldest living person in the U.S., Mrs. Gertrude Weaver from Camden, AR. She says that she spends her time in Bible studies, getting manicures and dancing in her wheelchair. She states, "We dance in our chairs because we can't get up anymore.”


Gertrude Weaver, American, Born July 4, 1898 – 116 years old.

Jeralean Talley, also from the U.S., is up next at 115 years old. She grew up poor, picking peanuts and cotton in Georgia and now lives in Inkster, MI. Her secret is staying active. She just recently gave up playing the slot machines and quit bowling at 104.

Jeralean Talley, American, Born May 23, 1899 – 115 years old.

Another 115-year-old U.S. resident is Susannah Jones who, like Gertrude, was the daughter of sharecroppers in Alabama. Although extremely intelligent, her family did not have the money for college so she opted to move to New York during the Harlem Renaissance and is still living there today.


Susannah Mushatt Jones, American, Born July 6, 1899 – 115 years old.

Finally, Emma Morano, the oldest living European rounds out the list at 115 years old as well. She still lives on her own in Northern Italy and takes care of herself and her home.

Emma Morano-Martinuzzi, Italian, Born November 29, 1899 – 115 years old.

Credit: First To Know

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