Meet The World's Oldest Wombat, Patrick.

Wombats are marsupials native to the heathland areas of south-eastern Australia. They are known for their short muscular legs and stubby tails, as well as their rodent-like front teeth and powerful claws. An average wombat typically reaches 40 inches in length and weighs between 44 and 77 pounds.

Patrick the wombat became the oldest wombat in captivity after turning 29 on August 25th. His age is rare since most wombats tend to live only five years, while those in captivity average a lifespan of around 20 years. When he’s not busy doing wombat stuff, he spends most of his day hanging out with the handlers at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia. In addition to being the oldest wombat on Earth, he is also the cutest thing ever! Just take a look at these pictures to see why.

Wombats are marsupials (they carry their young in pouches) even though they look like big rodents.


Their babies grow up in these pouches.

Unlike kangaroos, they have their pouch on the opposite side near their bum.


Wombats are burrowers, so this pouch placement protects their babies from all the digging debris.



Patrick is 29-years-old and absolutely adorable.


There’s no other wombat like him.


He’s super cuddly, too.

Patrick was orphaned when he was a baby after his mom was run over by car. His rescuers took him out of his mother's pouch and brought him to the rehabilitation center where he was hand-reared. Since he joined the handlers at Ballarat Wildlife Park, he has become very fond of humans.

Credit: Ballarat Wildlife Park

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