Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat With The Most "Purrfect" Coat Of Fur

Most people can be broken down into two particular camps: dog people and cat people. My wife, for instance, is more of a cat person, because she grew up with pet cats. She relates to the way they're independent, self-possessed, and confident. I'm a dog person, however, and I just tend to relate to dogs more easily. My approach to people is also more like a dog - direct, energetic, and friendly. Still, I love cats too, and if I had one that was half as handsome as Thor, I'd be a cat person too.

Meet Thor, the incredibly handsome cat.

He's a Bengal cat.

But what makes him unique from other Bengals is that he's got the most perfect fur ever.

He looks just like a miniature tiger! He also has a lot of interesting hobbies.

He's like the George Clooney of cats.


Here he is taking a walk.

A cat... taking a walk... on a leash. I have now seen everything.

Is he half-dog?

His owner, Rani Cucicov, says he loves to talk.

Thor just loves to meow up a storm!

So what's Thor's food of choice?

Shrimp! Mmmmm.


Like all other cats, Thor loves nap time.

He also loves cuddling up near a warm computer.

And snooping on his owner's emails by the looks of it.

It's not hard to see how his good looks won over the internet.

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H/T: Diply | Thor the Bengal