Meet Thumbelina, The World's Tiniest Horse

Ever wondered what the smallest horse in the world looks like? Well, look no further! Thumbelina, who measures in at just 17.5 inches tall and weighs only 57 pounds, is undoubtedly the world's smallest horse. That doesn't stop her from being huge on cuteness, though!


Thumbelina's parents were also miniature horses. Just in case that kind of pedigree wasn't enough to ensure her status, Thumbelina was also born with dwarfism to make her even tinier. This condition can lead to sickliness in some horses, but thankfully, Thumbelina's just fine.

She currently lives at Goose Creek Farms in St. Louis, Missouri, where she spends a lot of time hanging out with her other animal pals and just generally doing adorable, tiny horse things.


She also travels to children's hospitals (on a leash since she's the same size as a medium dog). Thumbelina's owners, Michael, Paul, and Kay Goessling, travel with her all across the United States to bring joy to sick kids everywhere.

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They've also set up the Thumbelina Charitable Foundation to help raise money for kids in need. Michael says that Thumbelina's visits help bring smiles to the children, which, in turn helps them remain strong and positive through their treatment and recovery. Isn't it incredible how one little horse can make such a big impact?

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