Meet Xander, The Therapy Pug Who Was Born With No Eyes And The Biggest Heart

When Xander was born, he was missing his eyes due to a birth defect. He can't see, but he doesn't let it get him down. His charming personality and determination make him the perfect therapy dog.

When two-year-old Xander showed up at an Oregon animal shelter, it only took a few days for him to be adopted.

Rodney Beedy adopted Xander and immediately took note of his personality.

He knew that Xander would make a perfect therapy dog.

Rodney and his wife had Xander officially certified as a therapy dog. Here he is comforting his mom at a hospital visit.

Xander provides support for victims of child and spousal abuse.


He looks sharp in his good suit.

He has a natural ability to make people in need feel better.

He is drawn to the sound of a person crying.

It's like he is just made for his job.

He handles children gracefully, no matter the crowd.

He gets around very well despite his blindness.


Xander is one of the best therapy dogs ever.

Nothing phases him.

He is sweet and supportive to everyone.

Xander works with the Klamath Chapter Hands And Words Are Not For Hurting and the Klamath Lake Cares projects. 

Credit: Facebook

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