Melting Crayons Into A Beautiful Rainbow Vase Is An Easy, Enjoyable DIY

Crayola crayons are pretty much synonymous with creativity. They’re a beloved staple of children’s art supplies everywhere. They’re probably one of the first brands where kids learn that sometimes the off-brand product just won’t cut it. Well, it turns out that adults love the colorful wax creativity sticks as well, and thanks to our grown-up skills and ingenuity, many of us are using them in ways Crayola never dreamed of when they shipped their first container.

Peter Brown is just such an adult. The host behind popular YouTube show Shop Time also learned a valuable off-brand lesson from his fans on his last crayon-related project. He was using inexpensive no-name crayons the last time. As the self-described “geek with a full set of power tools” explains in the video, the difference between the ease of workability in the Crayola crayons is night and day. Remember that in case you’re planning on following in his footsteps (or just looking to accomplish something simpler).

Peter’s projects aren’t exactly “do try this at home” for most of us, but it’s super fun to watch him work, to get some ideas, or get some inspiration to become as skilled in sculpting melted crayons (and everything else) on a lathe as he is.

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H/T: Peter Brown

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