Mermaid Tail Blankets Are The Hottest Thing Since Mermaid Tail Swimwear

If you’re like me, you’ve always associated mermaids with warmer weather. Maybe it’s that beautiful blue-green water in The Little Mermaid, maybe it’s just the fact that most of us tend to stay away from water when it’s cold, and thus mermaids by extension.

But a crafty designer by the name of Melanie Campbell has come up with a way to bring that whimsical fantasy into the ice and snow with her mermaid tail blankets, hand-crocheted for her Etsy store, Cass James Designs.

With a variety of color options in a soft, warm yarn, they’re the perfect gift for your own little mermaid.


But they’re not just for kids, with sizes ranging from toddler to adult.

Even without the tail, they’re a pretty great design, with a blanket top and a “cocoon” bottom to keep your feet warm.

These designs are so adorable, it’s no wonder Melanie is seeing incredible demand.


There’s currently a waiting list a few weeks long!

Via: Cass James Designs

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