Michael Pederson's Hilarious Contextual Street Art

The world that we live in is covered with signs. Traffic, road, parking, warning and instructional signs are everywhere you go, especially if you live in the city. Many of us have become so exposed to these signs that they typically blend into background, but Michael Pederson has sought to change that. A street artist based out of Sydney, Australia, Michael uses signs as a medium of his art by placing ones he's made in the environment or taking existing ones and putting them in a new context.

Much of Michael's work is witty and is meant to be either humorous or sarcastic.

His work is often as creative as it is humorous.

The humor of his work is only skin deep as the words always have deeper meaning in the context.


Many of Michael’s pieces are time-sensitive to the changes in the environment and location.

Each spot for his work is carefully chosen ahead of time before he decides on an interpretation and what to create.

Michael spends much of his time constantly exploring the city as the landscape is always changing and presenting him with new opportunities. 

He prefabricates many of these adhesive signs himself before placing them and quickly leaving the scene.


His work here takes influence from existing signage and symbols and puts them in a completely different context.

Can you imagine coming across this?

He will sometimes utilize self-adhesive letters to create strange contexts of the surrounding environment.

Via: Colossal | Miguel Marquez

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