Middle School Basketball Players Stop Game To Confront Bully

Three basketball players from Lincoln Middle School came to the aid of a cheerleader with Down syndrome that was being bullied by people in the stands. 

Miles Rodriguez, Chase Vasquez and Scooter Terrien realized that Desiree Andrews was being bullied by fans and they came to her defense.

“The kids in the audience were picking on D, so we all stepped forward,” Chase told TMJ4.

Soon, more and more of the team were gathering to support Desiree. 

We were mad. We didn’t like that. We asked our sports director to talk to the people and tell them not to make fun of her,” Miles said.

Since then, the three boys have become friends with Desiree. They frequently walk her to class and have come to referring to the gym as “Dee’s House.”

Desiree was overcome with emotions after the boys’ showing of support. Her father said the she found it difficult not try cry when thanking them.

The New York Daily News is reporting that school spirit at the school is at an all-time high, with a special focus on inclusion.

"It's not fair when other people get treated wrong, because we're all the same,” said Scooter. “We're all created the same; God made us the same way."

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