Milk Crates Do Way More Than Store Bottles Of Milk!

We’ve all got at least one sitting around, don’t we? Milk crates are about as ubiquitous as sand on a beach. It’s kind of crazy, considering many milk crates are actually illegal to own! It’s true, some even come with a stamp on the side declaring it. In 2015, the total loss to American dairy farmers due to stolen milk crates stands at over $100 million per year.

But don’t fret; unless you grabbed some empty crates off the back of a truck or behind a grocery store, you’re probably safe. If you do have some stamped with a dairy company’s logo, consider returning them to their rightful owners and getting yourself some from Target, Amazon, or any other retailer that sells them direct to people who recognize their value in the home.

And boy are they valuable, aren’t they? What can’t you do with those sturdy plastic cubes? Well, I can tell you from experience, don’t use them on their side as supports in a shelving system. Piling a bunch of books onto wooden boards suspended across a few milk crates seems like a great idea, but it’s going to sag eventually.

Instead, take a page from these storage geniuses:

Build yourself a brilliant sideboard.


Use some zip ties to finally sort out that sports gear.



A little fabric, some wood, batting, and staples will turn two crates into a cute bench.

Sustainability in style

If you’re feeling ambitious, break out the hacksaw and heat gun and construct this rad milk crate chair.


A true classic, strap a milk crate to your bike rack to get your groceries home in style.


A little creativity goes a long way when using milk crates as shelving.

Bob Vila

But a hacksaw goes even further when you’re turning a six-gallon crate into an ottoman.

Milk Crate Digest

You need a particular aesthetic in your decor to pull off this milk crate chandelier, but if you can, WOW.

The Owner Builder Network


On the other side of things, anyone can use a little landscaping fabric to turn these crates into easy to maneuver planters for a vegetable or herb garden.


Everyone knows you can stick records in a milk crate. But this particular style will let you sort your vinyl with ease.

Hip Hop Production

The truly ambitious among us can use the indispensable cubic storage to build a modern-but-primitive bed frame.


And almost anyone with even an inkling of craftiness can put together this footrest. Break out the glue guns, people!

Bob Vila

H/T: FaithTap

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