Millions Respond With Positive Messages After A Dad Posts A Photo Of His Son's Surgery Scars

People can be so cruel and judgemental sometimes, especially about the way other people look. As adults we've usually learned better and at the least keep those judgements to ourselves but kids can be pretty brutally honest with each other, to the point of hurting someone's feelings.

That's what happened to Carter Gentle, a 7-year-old from Farmington, Maine. Carter was born with a congenital heart defect and in his seven short years on Earth he's been through more than I pray most of us ever will.

Here's a young Carter looking especially debonair. 

Due to a congenital heart defect, he's gone through a lot. Just a few weeks ago he had his 12th open heart surgery.


As you see, he's not only brave but he's also quite a looker. Unfortunately, when he saw the scars from his surgery he was devastated that he'd be made fun of.

After crying for 45 minutes because he was afraid people would think he's ugly, his father Mark convinced him to pose for this photo to put on Facebook.

Mark says he told his son the scars make him look like a superhero.

The Gentles expected a few family and friends to "Like" the photo on Facebook, which would help cheer up Carter. They were shocked when a few likes turned into a few hundred, then a few thousand and eventually a few million!


Mark turned on the alerts on his phone, and Carter would get super excited whenever it went off with more Facebook alerts.

"His scars are what makes him him," Mark says. "They show everybody what he's overcome and that he was stronger than the disease that tried to kill him. I've been able to explain to him that there's a lot of people that have a lot of scars, and that you need to be proud of your scars." Truer words have never been spoken.

Via: Littlethings

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