Minnie Mouse Signs A Message Of Hope To A Deaf Princess

Mar 16, 2016

If you've ever taken a vacation to Disney World, you know it's a place full of magic. I've been going my whole life and every time I hop off the monorail and see Cinderella's castle, I get just as excited as any little kid. Every year for Christmas I get at least one Disney related item, which means my house is slowly transforming into a gift shop - not that I'm complaining. 

My favorite part of going to the theme parks is riding Haunted Mansion, because that's the greatest ride of all time and if you don't think so, you're wrong. But my second favorite part is seeing kids interact with their favorite cartoon characters in real life. I remember the feeling of watching Toy Story on repeat countless times, and then going to the park and meeting Woody and Buzz in person. It's a magical moment, and one every kid should experience. 

Unfortunately, Shaylee Mansfield and her parents never thought this moment would happen for them. Shaylee and her parents are deaf and that severely limits the type of interactions they can have in crowded places. Shaylee talks through sign language, but when she went to Disney, she figured that she wouldn't be able to talk to her favorite characters like most other kids. But, when she met Minnie Mouse, she encountered something she never would have imagined. Watch the heartwarming video to see the surprise Shaylee received. 

H/T: Disney Parks

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