Mishka The Husky Really Wants Potatoes

Mishka the husky is at it again. We're not sure what the vocabulary range on this oddball dog is, but we've never heard our own pups utter the phrase, "I want potatoes." or "I want waffles" for that matter. This dog's clearly such a picky eater that only achieving human speech would allow for the right cuisine to be served on a regular basis.

Or maybe it's simply a very silly husky doing what very silly huskies do. Making human-like sounds that very often sound like they're saying something specific, especially if you're receptive to the idea. Huskies developed their signature tones to help signal their packmates in blinding winter weather. The wolf-like harmonies are as beautiful as they are eerie when heard in the woods, and as humorous as they are awkward when heard on the couch.

We're not going to make the call on that one. We're afraid Mishka might have something to say about it. And we don't think it will be "I love you," as the fluffy orator has said before in another well-known video. Do dogs have the equivalent of four-letter words?

In any event, Mishka's warbling pleas for starchy tubers certainly plucked our heartstrings, and also made us want potatoes. And they made the young boy in the video change his tune. First, he didn't want any potatoes. But now that their talking dog wants some, he's not only ready for spuds, he's ready to help make them in the kitchen with mom.

What a persuasive pooch.
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