Mom And Dad Find Out Baby's Secret Name

There are few events more joyous than having a baby. The whole family gets to come together and welcome a new life into the world. Plus, if you've never known a mother who has become a grandmother, then you haven't seen true happiness.

Sadly, not everyone gets to experience that joy. When Katrina and Danny found out they were with child, it came at a difficult time. Katrina's mother had just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. But Katrina wouldn't let her mother be cut out of her child's life. She made a pact with her mother to make sure her son would always have a piece of his grandmother.

Katrina decided to have her ill mother pick the name for her son. After some deliberation, Katrina's mom told Sarah, Katrina's sister, who then had to keep it a secret for six whopping months. After all this waiting, Katrina and Danny welcomed their son into the world. That's when sister Sarah decided to reveal the baby boy's name.

You didn't think I was going to tell you here, did you? You'll have to watch the video (you'll definitely want a box of tissues before you watch this one).

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H/T: Little Things | The Ingham Family of Five

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