Mom Asks The Dog If He Pooped On The Floor, And He Proceeds To Give Her An Earful

As every dog owner knows, while dogs can definitely be trained to be pretty consistent about going outside to do their "business," sometimes accidents happen. Particularly in the case of busy humans who have no choice but to leave their pups at home while they're working, it's not uncommon to come home to an unpleasant surprise on the floor.

When Zeus the Husky is confronted about a mess on the floor, he tries to cover it up.

"Did you poop on the floor today?" asks Mom. Zeus howls to protest but he definitely looks guilty.

Apparently, Zeus can sometimes take out a grudge by going on the carpet, so Mom has to ask, "Did you poop because you were mad or because it was truly an accident?"

He's got the biggest reaction to these accusations, just like a human child might dramatically protest to cover up their obvious guilt. What Zeus really seems to resent the most, however, is being called a bad dog. You can call him a lot of things, but "bad dog" is a line you don't cross!

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H/T: Paw My Gosh

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