Mom Captures Amazing Friendship Between Kids And Garbage Collectors

One of my absolute favorite things about kids is that they have this uncanny ability to find the happiness in just about anything. For instance, I probably couldn't take a date to the corner store, give her a budget of $3, and ever expect to hear back from her. For my nephews, though, that little excursion to the store with me for some candy might easily be a highlight of their day. That's what makes kids so wonderful - they still know how to appreciate the little things in life.

Another thing I love about children is their ability to make friends with just about anyone. Whether it's with other kids, a family pet, or even an elderly neighbor, kids don't see someone who's different from them - they just see a new buddy! Recently, we came across the most adorable story of a set of triplets and their unlikely best friends. Read on to learn more.

Meet the Sugalski triplets: twin boys Heaton and Wilder, and their adorable sister, Holden, born June 22, 2013.

As infants, their mom, Martha, would take them on walks around the neighborhood in their stroller. The kids quickly became fascinated with the garbage truck that came around every week.

Being a friendly and outgoing family, Martha introduced her kids to the sanitation engineers, and a beautiful friendship emerged.

Now, her kids treat "Garb Day" like a special occasion every week! Here they are picking out Munchkins to give to their friends, Mr. Rob, Mr. Chad, and Mr. Andrew.


While garbage day is a necessary evil for most of us, it's filled with hugs and high-fives at the Sugalski house.

The triplets love getting to see how the truck works ...

Holden even has a special bond with Mr. Rob, and always runs straight to him.

Or how about this precious moment? "[Heaton] ran over his toe with the garbage container and immediately, Mr. Rob picked him up to comfort him."

Martha is teaching her kids a valuable lesson: to be kind and friendly to everyone, because everyone deserves love and respect.


Sadly, work must go on, and saying goodbye is always tough - for the kids and the sanitation crew alike.

"As everyone else said goodbye and walked up to the house, Heaton refused and sat on the driveway," says Martha. "He didn't want his friends to go."

Here's a small sample of what "Garb Day" is like!


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H/T: LittleThings | Martha Sugalski

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