Mom Comes Back To Life After Giving Birth To Baby Girl

We've all heard stories about near-death experiences. It occurs when a person comes right on the verge of death before being resuscitated. The people who have lived through these events often given incredible and sometimes disturbing accounts of what the experience is like. Though each person's account is different, the reality and the impact each story has is always the same.

Erica Nigrelli never thought such an experience would happen to her. Erica is a 32-year-old teacher from Texas who was preparing for the birth of a child. About three weeks before her due date, Erica collapsed in her classroom and needed to be rushed to the hospital. There, doctors were able to deliver her premature baby, but Erica did not survive - or so they thought. After the baby was born, a miracle happened. Erica's heart began beating once again and she was able to unite with her newborn baby. 

So, what did Erica experience while she was "dead?" She says, "I remember being bounced up." She says she also saw sunlight. Erica attributes her miraculous recovery to the work of God, who was protecting her the whole time. Doctors say Erica suffered from a heart condition that went unnoticed until she collapsed. The good news is both Erica and her baby are now fully healthy and ready to make the most of the time they have together. 

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H/T: Yei Reyes

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