Mom Confronts Her Guilty Pup About Some Missing Tater Tots. Just Watch How He Reveals The Evidence

Everyone loves a tasty snack, but for dogs, it's almost always on their minds. They're always looking for where their next treat is coming from. For Chase, his absolutely favorite snack is tater tots, and once he gets a whiff of them, he'll do whatever he can to get a hold of some. 

He knows he's not allowed to have them, but when his human's guard is down he can't help but sneak a few. Unfortunately, before he can "destroy" the evidence, his mom comes back into the room. Poor Chase got caught red-handed with an awkward look on his face and a suspicious lump in his cheeks.

Naturally, she asks him what's going on, but he doesn't respond. So, she tries reverse psychology and guilt trips him by telling him what a good boy he is. That's enough to make Chase cave in, and he relinquishes the missing tater tots to his human.

Once the potatoes come spilling out, his mom is surprised by how many tots he was able to cram into his mouth. All told, there were nine tots, fully intact, plus probably a few more that got swallowed. Poor Chase! Hopefully, his mom let him have a few back as a reward for his honesty.

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