Mom Defends Son After Woman Calls Him "Repulsing"

As a parent, it's crucial to instill values of body positivity in their child. It's so important that your child feels comfortable in their skin, and it makes a huge difference in the child's self-esteem and confidence. For parents of kids with disabilities or illnesses, however, this is an even bigger challenge. Other kids, and sometimes even adults, can be pretty merciless when it comes to judging people.

Dallas Fowler is the mother of a beautiful 2-year-old boy, Jameus, who suffers from colon issues. He's already had several surgeries at such a young age and now has to use stoma bags on his stomach. These bags, used by over 500,000 other Americans with similar issues, visibly protrude from his body. Unfortunately, that can sometimes lead strangers to make some rude comments.

While on a shopping trip to Walmart, Jameus' shirt happened to slide up a bit, which exposed his stoma bags to the woman in line behind them. Dallas says that the woman "shrieked a little," and then asked how she could "let someone do that to him."

Taken completely (and understandbly) by surprise, Dallas tried to explain her son's medical condition to the rude woman, who simply responded with "I am sorry but I just think that is so 'repulsing,' can you please keep his shirt down?"

Needless to say, Dallas was shocked by these rude remarks but decided to take the high road ad avoid confrontation. Instead, she took to social media to post the following message.

"Please be kind and choose your words wisely, especially should you choose to comment about something that is none of your business," she writes. "Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, and my son is winning his."

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H/T: JumbleJoy | Dallas Fowler

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