Mom Gives Her Adopted Daughter A 20-Year-Old Letter On Her Wedding Day

It’s tricky to hang on to anything for 20 years. Look around your room right now. You might be able to count the things you’ve had that long on both hands, or less! There are some items though, no matter how small or delicate, you just have to keep safe. A letter like this one is one of them. Written by Sherry Blackledge and her husband Craig to an 18 month-old baby girl they’d adopted, it was a declaration of their unconditional love for their new daughter, no matter how she came into their life. They kept it for over two decades so that when they gave it to Brooke on her wedding day, she’d know that she was their beloved daughter from day one. The Film Poets were there to document this profound moment.

To really make this message special, Sherry had the letter printed on a piece of her own wedding dress. 

It’s a simple, beautiful message that shows how close this family has always been.

When Brooke read the letter at her wedding, she couldn’t hold back the tears if she’d tried.


And of course her parents were there for all the hugs.

See the whole thing unfold in this video from The Film Poets.

Via: Huffington Post | The Film Poets

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