Mom Of Triplets Dies Just Days After Birth, But Community Steps Up

Joey and Casi Rott had two daughters and could not wait for the next members of the family: triplets that Casi had been carrying for some time.

Carrying one child is challenging enough, but for Casi, being pregnant with triplets was one of the greatest challenges of her life. The physical and emotional stress was enormous. As it would turn out, however, the actual act of giving birth would be an even greater challenge still.

Just before the due date, Casi opted to have a cesarean (C-section) and then stayed at the hospital with the triplets to monitor everyone’s health. Shortly after Casi went home, along with the joy and excitement of her new babies, she began to feel some chest pains. That's when doctors discovered something terrifying - they checked her lungs and noticed an enormous blood clot, caused by the challenging pregnancy, as well as the C-section. She had to go back to the hospital to be put on blood thinners.

Eventually, the situation went from bad to worse. She felt more pains, and despite being rushed to the hospital again, there was nothing the doctors could do. She didn’t survive.

Casi made it through her tough pregnancy with a smile and a positive attitude. Even though by the 34th week, she was under a great deal of stress, she knew that she just had to look forward to when she could finally be with her three new members of the family. She had hope, and that hope was in her triplets.


Casi and Joey’s older daughters, Tenley and Chloe, were also looking forward to meet their three new siblings. They were excited and ready to be helpful big sisters, taking it on well before the triplets were born and giving Joey and Casi many reasons to be proud.

After all the challenges of pregnancy, Casi got to experience the joy she’d been waiting months for. In this instance, she got to finally carry the beautiful children she’d fought so hard for, and it filled her with tears of pure happiness. In this single photo of the four together, she requested to not have her face included because of the tears; we can only imagine how happy the scene must have been.

But once she came home, she started experiencing chest pains. Joey drove her to the hospital as fast as he could, but there was nothing this loving husband and father could do.

In this photo, Casi's elder daughter Chloe holds her new sibling. Notice the smile; she’s just as happy as her mother. She carries her mother’s spirit. Though the 6-year-old is mourning with the rest of the family, she too finds hope in her new siblings. Asher, Levi, and Piper now join Joey, Chloe, and Tenley as a big, happy, and loving family.

There is really no getting over the loss of a loving mother. The Rott family now has to do double duty: making space for these three new children, while making do with such a staggering loss. Joey is shouldering the loss of his wife while remaining joyful about the new arrivals. Despite the struggles, the whole family is coming together and working hard to move forward.

When Joey came home, he posted a photo of him and the children. It included just one message: “Made it back home. Such a bittersweet day… Really missing Casi.”

This kind of loss is unimaginable, but members of Joey’s community did the only thing they could - come together to help. They created a GoFundMe page in Casi’s name, and raised almost $145,000 along with donations of essential supplies. Now, Joey has some help to take care of his big family.


Listen below as Joey tells his story after his triplets came home safe:

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