Mom Photographs Children In Magical Scenarios

Every parent wants to capture all the precious moments of their children growing up. From the moment of birth, new moms and dads already want to remember every little detail of the occasion - and what better way to eternalize joyous milestones than with photographs and videos?

Aside from candid photos, many parents also enjoy taking their children to professional photographers for the perfect portrait. Not only are these pictures taken with superior lighting and specially retouched to achieve flawless results, but they also allow parents to get creative by dressing up their babies in adorable outfits, adorning them with amusing props, and requesting the most imaginative backgrounds that are available in photo-editing software. Anna Rozwadowska, a photographer and a mother of two, creates sheer magic with her photos - starring her children, of course! Check out the photos below to see some of her incredible work.

Anna is a talented photographer and a proud mother of two beautiful children. While photography is one of her hobbies, her full-time job is teaching at a secondary school in Poland.

Anna also loves to sew. Many of the impressive costumes that her children wear in her photos were handmade by this busy mom.

The stars of her creations are her two beautiful children, Jacob and Barbara. She has been photographing them since their births.

As an avid photographer with an incredible talent and endless imagination, she has taken thousands upon thousands of pictures. But she wanted her work to become more unique, so she began to get more creative and artistic with her approach.


"I was trying to find my own way to capture my children's childhood," she says. "And I still am." Part of that process involved creating unique costumes - like the adorable tutus that her daughter wears in numerous photos - by hand.

While the outfits may look extravagant, they're actually cost-effective and practical creations. "I generally use the cheapest fabric I can get," she says. "I also try to choose a location for the photo shoots near my home, usually within 20 kilometers."

Not only is she conscious about the amount of money she spends on her shoots, but she is also considerate of her children as well. Barbara is only three years old, and being the perfect model for a photo can be extra tiring for a young child like her.

"A photo session lasts no longer than 15 to 20 minutes," Anna discloses. "When it comes to my daughter ... five to six minutes must be sufficient."


Most artists take their time to create their masterpieces. Given the extreme time limits that Anna works with, it's even more impressive to see that she can create such incredible works of art.

One unique trait of these pictures is that they are all candid. "I never pose my kids," she explains. Instead, she allows them to do whatever feels natural and captures those moments. These genuine expressions and poses are what make her photos so charming and delightful. Her work will definitely be treasured by her children and her fans for a long time.

One would think that it must be exhausting to juggle work, raising children, and engaging in her hobbies, but Anna insists that it actual fuels her. "My head is full of ideas for the next pictures," she says. "If only a day was longer."

To see more of Anna's stunning work, be sure to visit her website here and check out her Facebook page here.

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