Mom Says Husband's Final Words Saved Her Life

Mar 10, 2016

Sometimes, the worst tragedies occur without any prior warning. It's during these hard times that having your family's support can make all the difference. Here at Wimp, we've seen how the actions of your loved ones can make miracles happen in difficult times. That's what happened when 45-year-old Lyndee fell into a coma for 12 days, forcing her family to take her off life support.

While in a coma, Lyndee recalled hearing her family's words of encouragement as she lay in her hospital bed. As surprising as this sounds, Lyndee's ability to hear everything around her while in an unconscious state is common among people who fall into a coma. Scientists are still unsure how the brain can recognize voices during a coma, but they speculate that it has something to do with the way neurons and synapses function while unconscious.

At the time of her hospitalization, Lyndee's condition was so severe that her family considered donating her organs after taking her off life support. To everyone's surprise, Lyndee was able to wake up from her deep coma and remembered every word that was spoken to her. Doctors were in complete disbelief at her recovery, and many who talked to her afterward were convinced that her recovery came as a result of a miracle.

Whether or not you believe in miracles, Lyndee's recovery is a real example of how the love from your family members can heal you in times of need. 

#MUSTWATCH: Imagine making the painful decision take your unresponsive loved one off of life support...and they survive! This is Lyndee's story. She was in a coma, but what her family and doctors didn't know is she could hear discussions, even the ones doctors had with her family about the process of dying. Feel free to share.

Posted by YettaGibson on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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