Mom Warns Of Swimming Trunk Danger This Summer

The weather outside is getting warmer, which means people will be spending a lot more time in their swimsuits. As a kid, I used to spend entire days at summer camp without ever taking off my swim trunks. No matter how unsanitary it was (nine-year-olds don't care about germs), I loved the freedom of being able to jump in the creek and splash around with my friends at a moment's notice.

Most boys' swimsuits come with a mesh lining inside that's meant to serve as underwear. Unfortunately, this material poses a serious threat to swimmers and is especially dangerous for young boys. One mother learned this lesson the hard way while on vacation with her family in Spain.

After a day of swimming, Laura Collins brought her son, Jack, to the shower to help him out of his bathing suit. To her shock, she discovered that the mesh interior of the swim trunks had gotten wrapped around the tip of Jack's penis.

"He was screaming a scream I hadn’t heard before," said Collins, reflecting on the incident. She rushed Jack to the front desk of the hotel they were staying at, where they were advised to go see a doctor.

When the local medical center was unable to remove the mesh, Laura and her son decided to try the hospital. There, doctors were finally able to free her son after administering an anesthetic. Their primary concern was that the pressure created by the netting had damaged Jack's urinary tract. Thankfully, Jack received the "all-clear" and sustained no lasting injuries.

"Jack was very upset about it afterward, but, as five-year-olds do, he’s bounced back," explained Collins.

"He keeps talking about it now, but he’s fine. He talks about how he nearly lost his willy on holiday and goes on about the naughty netting. He’s been warning all his friends as he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to them."

If Laura could leave parents with one word of advice, it's this: "Please, those with young children, remove the netting in swim shorts."

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H/T: Aunty Acid | Kidspot Health

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