Mom Wins $16 Million Lawsuit Against Hospital After Nurses Tried To Push Her Baby Back In During Birth

A Birmingham, Alabama woman recently won a $16 million lawsuit against the Brookwood Baptist Medical Center due to malpractice by the nurses. Caroline Malatesta and her husband J.T. chose to have their fourth child at Brookwood, largely due to the facility's reputation for natural childbirth. Unfortunately, the staff interfered with Malatesta's natural birth when one of the nurses tried to push her crowning baby back into her vagina. You know, the exact opposite of "natural."

Brookwood boasts birth tubs and wireless fetal monitoring for expecting mothers, but when the Malatestas arrived at the facility, their doctor was unable to be found. Possibly as a stall tactic while waiting for the doctor to arrive, one of the nurses actually attempted to keep the baby from being born by pushing it back inside Caroline's womb.


Caroline says the nurse's action have caused her to suffer a painful condition known as pudendal neuralgia. The hospital, she says, never gave her a proper explanation. "I had tried everything within my power to understand what happened from Brookwood's perspective and get answers," she says. "Unfortunately, I felt like I didn't get any real answers. And they eventually just shut me out. That was when I realized the only option was litigation."

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