Mom Writes An Extremely Touching Poem About Her Kids Growing Up

Written by an unknown author, "The Last Time" is a touching poem that pays tribute to parenting. It talks about how fleeting time is when seen from a mother's perspective and implores readers to appreciate every moment and every stage of life as it comes.

The poem starts off recounting the sleepless days and nights "full of feedings and burping, nappy changes and crying" during the infant stages of raising a child. Even though all the long hours put in at this stage seem endless, it passes a lot faster than you'd think, and "there will come a time when you will feed your baby for the very last time." As the poem continues, the child moves through the various stages of life, needing their parent's assistance less and less as they go.

It's a simple message, but a poignant one - don't let any part of life pass you by because some day, you will be doing these things for the last time. Check out the whole poem below.


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H/T: InspireMore

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