Mom Writes Letter To Teenage Skateboarder

It's always a bit overwhelming for any child to try something new. For 6-year-old Peyton Thomas, learning how to skateboard was something that she had wanted to do deep down, but had felt too intimidated to try. Her mother Jeanean talked to her about it and discovered that her child thought skateboarding was just for boys. After a long conversation, Jeanean was able to convince her daughter that there was no such thing as "boy things" or "girl things."

With her daughter able to find her resolve, Jeanean took her old skateboard, her daughter and some protective gear down to the local skate park. When they arrived at the park in Cambridge, Ontario, they saw a lot of teenagers there that looked like they were up to no good. “Mom, it’s full of older boys,” Peyton said.

Jeanean told her daughter that it didn't matter and as Peyton began to skate, one of the boys came up to her.

Ready to defend her daughter's right to use the park, Jeanean was taken completely off guard with what happened next.

After telling Peyton that her feet were placed incorrectly, the boy asked if it was okay to give her some help. He spent over an hour helping her get her balance and feeling more comfortable with her board in the park.

After their chance encounter, Jeanean wrote the following post on Twitter:

Via: Buzzfeed | Twitter

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