Mom's Message About Technology Goes Viral

Feb 2, 2016

Kids are basically tiny sponges. They come into this world fresh and new, but it isn’t long before they begin to soak up everything. From language to motor skills, they learn by watching and repeating the actions of those around them. It’s how accents are passed from generation to generation, and why children sometimes grow to resemble their non-biological parents. However, along with all the necessary life skills and important lessons, kids can also pick up some pretty unsavory habits.

Take, for instance, technology. These days, it’s not uncommon to see kids using tablets or phones as entertainment, especially in public places where they might become “unruly.” In fact, the younger generations often surpass us with their technological skills! It’s certainly a very different world – and a very new one. There’s simply no data yet on how individuals who are exposed to technology at an early age may be affected in the long-term.

That’s why one mom decided to take matters into her own hands with a unique experiment. While Brandie Wood had often used her phone to surf the web in front of her 4-year-old twin boys, on November 2, 2015, she put it away and picked up a pen and some paper instead. As her sons played, she quietly tallied each time they looked her way. Whether their glances were seeking approval or disapproval, or simply looking for reassurance that mom was still there, one thing was for certain – Brandie’s sons were paying attention to everything she did.

After the experiment was over, Brandie took to Facebook to share what she had learned with other parents and grandparents. Her message is one that everyone needs to hear. 


“Today I did an experiment, I watched my boys play. As I sat quietly in the corner of the room I tallied how many times they looked at me for various reasons: to see if I saw their cool tricks, to seek approval or disapproval for what they were doing, and to watch my reactions. I couldn't help but wonder if I was on some sort of technology what message would I have been sending? 28 times my angels would have wondered if the World Wide Web was more important than them. 28 times my boys would have not received the attention most adults are searching for. 28 times my loves would have questioned if they were alone emotionally. 28 times my kids would have been reassured that who you are online is what really matters. In a world where we are accepted as who people perceive us to be and not who we really are, in a world where validation comes from how many followers or likes we have, in a world where quality time with loved ones is being replaced by isolation and text messages from the other room, I beg you to be different. Please put down your technology and spend some time with your family & loved ones. The next generation of children is counting on us to teach them how to be adults, don't be too busy on social media, you never know who is watching and what message you are sending.”

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H/T: Brandie Wood

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