Mom's Photo Series Captures The Unbreakable Bond Between Her Biological And Adopted Daughters

May 22, 2015

Anna Christine Larson (Anna Christine Photography) is a mom to three children and is also a professional photographer. Two of her children are biological and one is adopted, and her two daughters are featured in her new photography series, "Barely Different." The two youngsters, Haven and Semenesh, were photographed by their mother over the years and Larson realized the power that their images portrayed.

Larson's company and family are based in Olympia, Washington, but much of her work is done in Northern California, where she was born and raised.

Haven is Larson's biological daughter, and Semenesh is her adopted daughter.

She was adopted from Ethiopia five years ago.

Although they have very different personalities, they love to be together.


And they each bring something unique to the family.

They are the best of friends.

Their mom says, “When we grow beside another, our similarities bloom."

“It’s not skin that makes us different, or that causes separation and distance…”

“…no, it’s lack of unity.”


“Two souls birthed on the opposite sides of the world were brought close through adoption,"

"and their bond is great because of unity.”

They only know each other as sisters, and so their differences seem to go unnoticed because of their love for one another.

She added, “It’s opened my eyes to the potential we have to love and accept one another as brothers and sisters, just as they do.”

Check out this series and more on her website, or follow her family on Facebook.

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